Custom Hand-Painted and  Airbrushed Fishing Tackle. Custom Poured Soft Baits. 

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Feel free to contact me with special requests and quotes and I will be happy to see if I can comply. Novelty lures also available, message me for details. Thank you.

B. Hand

Current Inventory:

3" Rattleshad

5" Minnow

3 1/2" minnow

3" Minnow

3" Square Bill Shallow Diver

2 1/2" Shallow Diver Crankbait

1 3/4" Shallow Diver Crankbait

3" Medium Diver Crankbait

4" Deep Diver Crankbait

4" Glidebait

2 1/2" Topwater Popper

3 1/2" Topwater Popper

3" Quickfish

3" Balsa Wood Torpedo

3" Shallow Shad Swimbait

4" 5-jointed Sunfish (Live Target)

6" 5-jointed Swimbait ( Live Target)

4 1/2" 3-jointed Swimbait (Live-Target)

5 1/2" (10 1/2" overall with tail) 1 jointed Top Water Rat. (Live Target)

3 1/2" Crawdad Medium Diver Crankbait

8" Muskie/Pike Basswood Sticks

Various Wake Baits and Mini-Cranks Available. Ask for details. 

Soft Baits Available, Molds Include: 3.25" Creature Craw Chunk, 4" Twintail Grub, 2.25" Paddle Time, 3" Grub, 4.5" Beaver Bug, 7" Ribbon Worm, 3.75" Swimbait, 3.5" Craw, 5" Sink Worm, 5.25" Brush Hog, 7" Lizard, 3.5" Frog, 6" Crawler Worm, and 5" Jerkbait. 

Colors Include: Silver Pearl, Transparent Fluorescent Yellow, Purple, Green, Transparent Brown, Amber, Transparent Yellow, Blue, Root Beet, Silver, Transparent Fluorescent Red, Jelly Red (Fire Tail), Transparent Fluorescent Orange, Transparent Fluorescent Chartreuse, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Chartreuse, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Orange, Indigo, Emerald Green, Crayfish, Motor Oil, Violet, Pearl, Iridescent Pearl, Brown, Strawberry, White, Yellow, Red, Orange, Grape, and Black .

Scents Include : Coffee, Blackberry, Grape, Crayfish, Shrimp, Strawberry, Blueberry, Anise, Garlic, and Watermelon.  

* All novelty lures will be done a 3" Shallow Diver Square Bill.Novelty includes sports teams,logos, family pictures, Etc. Novelty lures can be designed to the customers' wishes.

Special order and production jobs are available upon request and a reasonable time frame.

Spinnerbaits, Weedless Jigs, and Jig head and lure repainting also available.